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About research at NZIE

At NZIE, we believe in the power of a great research idea in making a positive impact on the lives and well-being of people. NZIE is committed to maintaining and improving future knowledge and practice advancement in applied business leadership. The faculty and academic staff members are striving to collaborate with industry, institution and government on the endeavours to grow our research capacity. To help us achieve this, we allocated an annual research budget to allow staff members to pursue research activities and undertake applied research in the following broad areas: Education, Management, Leadership and Marketing. We are constantly seeking talented research candidates and/or partners to join our research team and community.

Our research will also cover research that maintains, advances, and disseminated knowledge and develops intellectual independence, and assists the application of knowledge regarding ahuatanga Maori (Maori tradition) according to tiknaga Maori (Maori custom) including te reo Maori, wairuatanga, and hauora. NZIE is committed to providing a platform for recognizing quality and high impact research and innovative applications of research in teaching endeavours.

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