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5 Digital Technologies set to take over the Retail Industry in 2018

by Nasreen Shaikh |  23 Feb 2018 As digital technologies are advancing faster than ever, retail industries and the like are jumping on the bandwagon to deliver digital solutions to their customers. Whether we like it or not, digital is almost apart of all aspects
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How to Set Up Goals on Google Analytics

by Nasreen Shaikh |  22 Feb 2018   Whether you’re managing a website for a large corporation or a small business, Google Analytics is a helpful tool in finding out how well your website is performing. It’s a powerful platform that provides you with the tools you’ll
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Meet our Digital Marketing Tutor – Jay Best

by Nasreen Shaikh |  16 Feb 2018 I’ve found that one of the greatest things about studying at NZIE is the exposure we’re given to experienced industry experts. They constantly give us the chance to apply the skills we’ve learnt into real situations. This is all thanks to our
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How to Optimise Your Facebook Business Page

by Nasreen Shaikh |  15 Feb 2018  With over, 2.2 billion users on Facebook worldwide, there’s no question that it’s one of the most powerful platforms to connect with people. This is why Facebook is one of the most effective online marketing platforms out there. Chances are, a
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Growing Opportunities in IT

by Phillip Sears | 9 Feb 2018 A recent report published by the Digital Skills forum highlights the shortage of IT professionals in New Zealand and abroad. Modern technologies are advancing at an increasingly fast paced rate and are simultaneously being implemented into the
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#FeatureFriday: Hamish Bourke aka The Content King

Its #FeatureFriday time! If you’ve read our last Feature about Nnyl Hubilla, you’ll know that #FeatureFriday is all about introducing you to some of the awesome students we have studying at NZIE. We love the opportunity to showcase some of the cool things they’ve been up to, and
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How to start your career in Digital Marketing

by Nasreen Shaikh | 8 Feb 2018 With Digital Marketing being one of those most fastest growing industry’s, comes with it the growing need for skilled digital marketers. Whether you’re looking to enter a new career path, or are currently a business owner and want to know how to
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10 Tips for Businesses Starting Out On Instagram

by Justine Koenders | 7 Feb 2018 Instagram is a very visual social media platform that is fun for personal use, but the reality is that Instagram can be a very powerful social media marketing tool to help businesses grow too. Because it’s such a visual centric platform, it is a
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Online vs Face-to-Face Classes

by Nasreen Shaikh | 2 Feb 2018 We’re living in the digital age where we all love doing things online, including learning! Its more convenient, and flexible, but what are the real pros and cons of both online and face-to-face classes? Online Classes The Pros Flexible Schedules You
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Choosing your pathway after NCEA – Diplomas or Degrees

by Nasreen Shaikh | 20 Jan 2018 Got your NCEA results, and are now wondering what to do? Or if you haven’t checked your results, you might want to jump on the NZQA website ASAP! Now’s the time everyone is planning what their next step is. Where will you study and what will you
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