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NZIE’s Meta Ads Manager course is designed for people who want to gain a comprehensive understanding of Instagram and Facebook advertising techniques and strategies to maximize the effectiveness of their digital marketing campaigns. You’ll graduate with an actionable understanding of how to operate Meta Ads Manager with skills that you can utilise for either your current or future employer, client, or your very own business.

Course content:

Create and optimise your own business account to access Instagram and Facebook advertising.

Understand the capacity of Meta Ads Manager, including utilising advertising on Facebook and Instagram. 

Deep dive into Instagram and Facebook ads; covering goals, formats, placements, and targeting.

Get to know your audience, and how their behaviour and demographics can write you a recipe to success.

Touch on creative advertising, and how to form the perfect call to action.

Explore analytics, crucial metrics and how to report your findings for maximum growth and impact.

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Meet your tutor:

Meta Ads Expert: Matt Wort

Matt Wort brings over six years of marketing industry experience to his new role as Social Media Marketing Tutor.

While Matt is a social media expert, he has completed a number of digital marketing roles on his path to where he is today. He started out writing commercials at advertising agency Bright Sunday. After finishing his Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from the Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2015. Following on from this role, he took a step up to become a copywriter. From there an account manager at the same company. Before going it alone as a freelance social media specialist and has never looked back.

Among his experience, Matt has completed a diverse portfolio of jobs for various clients. Also, working at local charities, promoting the launches of movies and running large tourism campaigns.

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