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Now I’m just going to quickly move us through here to Ads Manager to explain how the structure of the ads is laid out. So first of all, we start by building a campaign. And within that campaign, we set our goals and we name the campaign, then onto our ad set, which sits inside of the campaign. So our ad sets can be where our targeting happens. So all of the different interests and behaviors that we’re targeting, that’s where the ad sets really thrive. So we can set up multiple ad sets within that campaign.

For instance, if we wanted to target two distinctly different targets, we would make two separate ad sets, we’d create an ad set to target males 20 to 50. And we could create an ad set targeting females from 20 to 50. Now the targeting of these would be very different, obviously, in terms of demographics, however, it would still sit under the same campaign. And then lastly, we’ve got ads. So ad set within specific ad sets, and that’s where we get our creative.

That’s where you’ll select images, design, copy, post headlines, choose a call to action. And so that’s how they’re nested inside of each other. Now, to see a more visual explanation of that, what I’m going to do is click edit here on a new traffic campaign. And you can see here at the top, in the folder icon, we’ve got our campaign. Below that with our four boxes, we’ve got our ad sets. And then below that with the actual ad is where we would see our ads. So I just wanted to give you an idea here of how the ads are structured, and what we’re going to be talking about in our coming videos.

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