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1.5 What can Meta Business Suite do?


So, what can meta business do? We’ve already covered what the advertising elements of a meta business are. But there are more capabilities here within the platform. As well as the simple act of creating newsfeed posts and stories, there are three other sections to meta business suite, engage the audience, manage, and sell products and services.  

Engage audience – This section allows you to access your business feed where you can follow and interact with other professionals in your field. This is used to help inspire your content, your ads and help you see other engagement strategies. It also contains the inbox where you can see messages and comments sent to you and your business account on both – Facebook and Instagram. It contains a planner so that you can create and schedule your content and get a nice broad overview of the weeks and months ahead.  

Manage – The Manage section of the meta business suite is designed to help us out with the admin of running a business account. In this section, you can manage any ads that may have been flagged for not complying with the meta-advertising policies. You can update your billing information, and you can also connect any business apps that you may have. It also allows you to manage your business’s Facebook page, managing the roles, settings and information on your public page.  

Selling products and services – There are three final elements under the selling products and services section appointments, where you can collect and manage your appointment requests that have been made through meta, manage your orders that have been made through meta and also lists the services that your business provides.

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