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2.1 Sherylin Upton


Hello, my name is Sherylin Upton. I am General Manager at Explosive Social. We’re a social media and digital marketing agency.

  1. Monday.com

I would recommend monday.com for Project Management. We use this platform to complete projects efficiently and collaboratively. Monday.com offers 2 different subscription types. There’s a free capacity and there’s also a paid capacity. It all depends on customizations. We use this software specifically for projects in Campaign Management. We can add a campaign and our entire team can view it, see our progress and sign off on any tasks that they have completed.

2. Canva

I recommend Canva for content creation. Canva is a great tool that simplifies the process of digital design. We use Canva every single day in our office, specifically for content creation and email marketing campaigns.

3. Later

I recommend Later for content scheduling. Later is a platform that you can use to plan, analyze and schedule content in advance. Later is a paid social media tool. It’s on a subscription basis. And there are different plans based on the capacity of users and the number of posts that you are scheduling. You can use Later across all social networks.

4. Klaviyo

I recommend Klaviyo for email marketing campaigns. Klaviyo is an eCommerce automation platform specifically for email marketing campaigns and SMS marketing campaigns. Klaviyo is also integrated into our Shopify site. We use Klaviyo specifically for our email marketing campaigns. However, Klaviyo offers various automation options dependent on the subscription you are on.

5. Slack

I highly recommend Slack. We use Slack for communications and internal comms. You can add group chats and direct messages for quick replies and responses. Slack comes in a free capacity and a paid capacity depending on your subscription size.

Thank you so much. If you’d like to know more about Explosive Social and the services that we have to offer, head to our website www.explosivesocial.com; for all your social media and digital marketing needs. 

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