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2.3 Ad formats


There are four main ad types or ad formats here that we use on meta business suite. These different formats can be used to convey different messages. But most importantly, as you embark on your advertising journey, you’ll figure out what ad format works best for your audience or campaign.  

Single image– single image ads were the first ad format used here on meta and are still a very common choice among marketers. As it says, this ad is just a single image with copy and headline attached, designed to get your message across quickly and effectively.  

Video – video is not only the most popular content type across social media today, but that popularity has carried across into the paid medium. A single video ad like this can be used to drive home the message of a campaign and something we’d usually see at a higher level quality. 

Carousel– carousel ads are two or more images or videos stacked next to each other in a row, ready for a user to scroll through. These ads are commonly used to develop a visual story as opposed to telling the story in the copy of the ad.  

Ad collections –  this is a group of items, usually images, that opens into a full-screen display on mobile. It’s also worth noting here that we can create an ad using an existing post. If you’ve created an organic post that has been particularly successful, then you can then reshape that post into an ad in the hopes that it will find a similar success here in the paid ads medium.

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