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2.4 Jacob Stansfield


Hi, my name is Jacob Stansfield. I’m the director of Local Market.

The Local Market

Local Market is a digital marketing agency based in Auckland, New Zealand. We specialize specifically in social media. We work with small to medium sized businesses on their social media strategy, social media management, and social media advertising. And that’s across the platforms Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tik Tok. We also do email marketing, we use tools like MailChimp, and Klaviyo, to help businesses with their email marketing strategies.

  1. Gimbal

The first tool, an essential tool with content strategy for our customers is this tool here, and it’s a gimbal. So when you’re going out and shooting content for customers, at the moment, most of the content that we do is video content. So it’s really important to keep your phone stationary and still so that any moving video shots that you’re doing look reasonably professional.

2. Canva

Canva is another tool that we use day to day in our business. Canva has a really good brand kit system where you can actually have all of your client’s brand assets, colours, and fonts, in the platform so that when you’re creating new content, you can put all of their brand stuff and make sure that it’s all aligned with their brand. The other thing that it does really, really well is it has all the sizing. So if Facebook or Instagram changes some of their sizings, the templates that you put in Canva are relevant to the sizing on all those platforms. It’s really strong in that regard.

I use the paid version of Canva, I found that the free version of Canva didn’t quite give us all of the tools that we needed, from stock images, some of the video functionality, as well as the sharing functionality along with a lot of our contractors in our agency. The paid version gives us a few extra features and benefits that are really helpful.

3. Shutterstock

In addition to Canva, we also pay for a small Shutterstock subscription, we find that whilst the paid Canva does give us quite a lot of examples or stock images that we use. Just occasionally we won’t find the exact image that we’re looking for. So we use Shutterstock, which acts as a safety net for any kind of tricky image that we need for any of our campaigns or content that we’re posting.

4. Artlist

We use another subscription service called Artlist. This subscription service is specifically around audio. So you can pay a subscription and go on to the platform and download sounds, music tracks, and anything sound related to helping specifically build out the video content that your posting. TikTok, is built on audio trends. So it’s important that your content has strong audio. It also gives you the ability to create folders again for the other for your brands that you’re looking for.

5. Facebook Ads Library

Another tool that we use that is absolutely invaluable to the Local Market is a page or website called Facebook Ads Library. We do social media ads for a lot of different businesses, sometimes in the same sector. So it’s really important that we make sure their point of difference comes across. Ads library is basically a tool in which you can search competitors and businesses that you’re interested in and look at how they are placing themselves in the advertising market.

You can go through and look at their copy, the video content that they’re paying to sponsor, and all that sort of stuff. That gives you some really good context if you are launching in that market. What are your competitors doing? What could you do differently? What are some of the things that everyone’s doing that you might want to consider? So it’s an absolutely amazing tool that we use all the time, day to day.

6. Meta Business Suite

Probably one of the biggest tools we use is Meta Business Suite. We use this in a variety of ways. Because we do a lot of social media management probably one of the biggest reasons we use it is to manage our customer’s or client’s communities. The really great thing about Meta Business Suite is that you can integrate your Instagram and your Facebook page into one clean interface. So as Business Owners or Community Managers like ourselves, we can actually manage the comments, insights and messages for one brand and one platform through Instagram and Facebook. Managing a community that way just makes our lives so much easier and is good to just keep tabs on everything all in one place.

The other part of Meta Business Suite that we use a lot is the Inbuilt Video tools, which will then meet our Ads Manager. Now, so much social content and advertising are video based with Reels and TikToks, and your classic video ads or slideshows within Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds via Meta ads manager have some great tools on how to create decent video content within your ads manager.

When you’re creating an ad, and let’s say you’ve got 10 images or 8 images that are really sort of important to the brand, you can quite easily put them into Meta Ads Manager and create a video out of those images and text, in some cases, some audio and that way, it’s going to create much more compelling advertising for your customer.

Thanks for listening. Those are just some of the tools that I use, or our contractors use on a day-to-day basis. We also use many more tools on a daily basis. Emailing tools, and other scheduling tools for different platforms.

If you want to connect with me and learn more about what we do, or are just interested to know more about the industry, then please connect with me on LinkedIn. My name is Jacob Stansfield. Our website is www.thelocalmarket.co.nz. Thanks.

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