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3.5 Canva Exporting


Alright, so now that we have created our image, and we want to actually look at getting it to a format that we can actually use, it’s pretty simple. Top right hand side, there is a big button called share. When we click on that, it’s going to give us a whole bunch of options. Number one Download to download this as a PNG or as a JPG, so those two there would be what you’d be using for social media. And png would be the suggested one there. And there is also video and GIF. So if you have moving objects, which we talked about in earlier training, then you will choose either the mp4 video or the GIF. But for us, we’re going to choose PNG.

Once you’ve chosen what you want, you can click on Download, and that’s going to download it onto your computer. So that’s the first option. We can share directly if we have linked up our social medias to this, we can click on Facebook and it will open Facebook, we can log in, and we can share it directly to Facebook, you’ve got to have you’ve done a video then you’ve got tiktok, and Instagram, all of those. So sharing on social media, you could choose to print it so they can print and delivered to you so you can use that option. And let’s click on more because here’s an interesting one inside more as well. It’s called send to phone.

So sending to your phone will give you the option of just scanning a QR code and that will show up on your phone. So using your camera to click on that, that will take you to where the images stored, you can then save the image there. Or you can also email it to yourself through this so you can don’t have to use your computer at all for that part of it. So those are the options for sharing. It’s fairly straightforward. You can choose whichever one suits the purpose that you are needing.

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