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3.1 Coschedule Tutorial


Here we are inside the headline studio by Coschedule. So that’s under headlines on cochedule.com/headlines, and you will need to create an account, but it is free to use. So what we do is, type in the headline that we think we’re going to use something like best children’s books for your kids and then we analyze that.

It’s going to look at that headline and see. It’s gonna give us a score if you will headline score, and it’s going to say, is this a good headline or not? And there is a whole lot of information here and a whole lot of ads as well, as you can see, because it is free. So just wait for that to tick down.
It’s gonna give you tips. So it’s telling me to increase my emotional words, increase my uncommon words and decrease my common words. It’s also got a word bank. So if you don’t know what an emotional word is, we could open a word bank. And this will give us a whole lot of what they class as emotional words.

So you scroll down until you find one that would relate to what you’re trying to do. So I’ve got the best children’s books. For kids, well, we’ve got the word colourful in here. Okay, so let’s change that this colourful children’s books.

The best colourful children’s books are American spelling it is. So we’ll change that as well. And we’ll see if that makes a difference. And then we can reanalyze over here as well. So click on reanalyze. And it’s going to give us a different score. Because we’ve got that emotional word in there now. So our scores went from 59 to 62. So it’s getting up there, increase your word count by at least two words, that’s easy enough to do best colourful children’s books for your kid’s library.

As we scroll down, it’s also going to give us some hints on the word count. And that wants us to have around 12 words, at about 70 letters, 70 characters, it’s got a reading grade level, so we’re reading at the eighth or ninth grade it wants you to be sort of around the sixth or seventh grade. So there might be some complex words in there. That’s got positive sentiment because there’s a “best” in there.

Skim ability. So skim ability means that the first three words and the last three words in your headline should make sense. If you cut the section and the middle out, the first three, and the last three months are the best colourful children for your kids. So it might be better to have books, either closer to the beginning or further towards the end. I’m not too worried about that now, though. So we need to get a couple more words in here.

Let’s see these colourful children’s books for your library. If we put a top 5 in there because lists always seem to convert well. And then my two books would be well I’ve got 4 books, but I’d choose two of them. And that’d be number 1, number 2, so this reanalyzes that and have a look.
And now we’re up around 83. So I want to always be up over the 80 mark the 80 scores. And that means I’ve got a reasonably good-looking headline. So I’m happy with 83. And I can create something around these top five best colourful children’s books for your kid’s library. I could write articles on that I could create social media posts based on that I could create infographics based on that as well.

And that’s how the Coschedule headline analyzer works. Start with something that you think is good and then refine, refine and refine and then you’ll end up with something a lot better, something that’s gonna convert a lot better. I’m still not happy with the skim ability and it still gives me a bad score for that so you could look at restructuring the title but keeping the theme of the title and just the top five books for your kid’s library will probably be better.

Take out the library’s top five books for your kids and then have some information in the middle which you can then take out because the books are the topic that’s what I do there. But for the most part, this is a great way for you guys to increase your headline readability and make it a much more cohesive headline for people to click on. You know you want them to stop at this headline and move back to the image. So it’s really important to get these headlines right.

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