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4.2 Answer The Public tutorial


Here we are on Answer The Public.com.

And we get presented with the screen that you’ve got in front of us, there’s usually some kind of video playing here, that gets annoying, just click on the video to stop it. And then it says, discovers what people are asking about. And so you ask it a question.

So I’m just going to add one word here skincare, let’s say you’re a skincare company. And you can’t think of any new content that you want to create. You’ve got that writer’s block happens. Well, that’s what answer the public has. So I’m just going to type in the word skincare here and then click on Search.

What this is going to do is it’s going to give me a very, very large amount of answers. So what we can see here is the who, what, when, how, and why style and this is tapping into what people are asking. So we have options here why skincare is important. Well, sure, I could create a blog about that. I could create an infographic about that I could create a video about that. How skincare works, same thing. What skincare products do I need, there’s another great little piece of information, I could write a blog about that I could do a quick infographic that has the top five skincare products that I could use. And when they click on that then takes them to the landing page of my website where I might have a video on there about how to apply those different types of skincare products.

As we go down further, we’ve got these 56 propositions that it’s given me as well. Skincare, vitamin C skincare for redness, skincare for men. So there are all these different topics that we can start putting our product into and relating our product to and skincare comparisons as well. So we’ve got skincare versus makeup and skincare like Botox, skincare and beauty.

So although Answer The Public is free, they only give you a maximum number of free searches every day. So I’ve done three searches today already. And that’s my maximum number. So you’d look at planning this and say, well, these are the questions that are the topics that I want to ask. Let’s set them up so that I’m coming in here every day and doing my free searches for that day and then just charting down all of the questions that it populates for you so that you’ve got content for the next couple of months.

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