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3.2 Audience Types


Audience types –  we’re going to talk about the four main audience types you’re going to encounter here on meta business suite. The four audiences are custom, lookalike, remarketing and imported.  

A custom audience is built by using demographics, behaviours and interests. We’re going to explore that a bit deeper in the next classes, firstly on demographics and then on to behaviours and interests. But for a surface-level description, custom audiences are ones we make based on our research and assumptions, piecing together insights to create an audience specific to the campaign at hand. These audiences are used for all ad stages,particularly for awareness ads.  

Lookalike – a lookalike audience is created by taking data available to you and matching it with similar profiles. Some really common examples of this would be using the audience data for people who converted recently, saying the last 30 days. Your website will store this information, and then, by drawing that data into meta audience, you can begin targeting people who have similar interests and behaviours to those who have converted recently. As these would be considered warm leads, this would likely be a consideration or conversion ad. 

Remarketing – a remarketing audience is built using tracking data, usually from your website. We can then show relevant ads to people who have previously interacted with you. Two common examples of remarketing ads are people who have visited your website recently- anywhere from 7 to 180 days. And then also people who have interacted or engaged with your social media profiles in the last 7 to 180 days. These audiences are used for consideration ads. Think of this audience as building upon one touch point by driving home your branding.  

Imported – an imported audience is created using a collection of data you own, such as an email list. These can be purchased from third-party providers or built using your own newsletter campaigns or subscriptions. These ads are usually conversion oriented, as to have the data available to you means that they are already a qualified lead and interested in your business. 

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