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3.3 Demographics


Demographics –  there’s a whole host of options available here for us to target through Meta business suite. But we’ll start with the basics, demographics.  

Our first question where is our audience? We can geo-target any location across the world down to a 1KM radius. On top of this, we have four options; we can drill further into  

  1. People who are living in that location.  
  1. People who were recently in that location 
  1. Both of those who are living and have passed through this location recently.  
  1. And finally, people who are travelling in this location. 

 These extra identifiers can really help support targeting that specific audience in each location.  

Age, pretty standard stuff here; we can select any age from 13 to 65+. We could select 40 to 50-year-olds, or exclusively 25-year-olds, although it’s rare that that would be effective and called for. A point of note here is that although the age does allow you to select from 13, there may be laws in your country around targeting people under the age of 18 with ads. There are also further rules in some countries about what you can and cannot advertise to that younger audience.  

Gender, while we may be seeing a move away from gender targeting, it can still be useful in a number of instances. We are able to select all genders or just males and just females. If you have gender products, this would serve you well in your targeting efforts.  

Language. There is also the option to target one or several languages spoken by the user. International campaigns can benefit from the use of this tool.

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