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3.4 Behaviours


Behaviours –  it’s easy to get overwhelmed in the world of behavioral targeting. There are endless options available to us here within meta ads manager, and it’s up to us to get creative. If we were promoting a new tourism campaign to visit Rome, we could start by building the behaviors and interests to help us better target someone who may be interested in visiting Rome. We might start with the obvious targeting behaviors.  

Travel –  So now our ad will be displayed to anyone who’s interested in traveling has been flagged by the meta-algorithm, but we want to take that a step further. We can figure out a 1,000 ways of targeting someone who may be interested in a trip to Italy, someone who’s interested in history, luxury holidays, culture, or someone who is interested in museums. We can even go a step further and assume that families may want to travel together, so we can target parents with primary school-aged children. The more creative we can be with our targeting and the more depth we can develop into our target audience, the more successful our ads will be. 

One of the best tools meta business suite offers us is the ability to suggest interests and behaviors that it thinks may assist in our targeting. As in the example we just went over. If you were to select travel as an interest, the suggestions tab would show an expansion of further options that are similar, such as frequent travelers, tourism industry, holidays, leisure, adventure travel, the list goes on and on. And as we build an ad out points to our audience selection, it evolves suggestions based on our selection. We also have the ability here to exclude audiences. The chances of someone purchasing a flight to Rome after returning from an international holiday in the last two weeks are pretty slim. So we can exclude those people who have just returned to the country. This allows us to save precious budget and not waste our time targeting someone who is not going to be interested. 

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