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4.3 Call to actions


CTAs – CTA or Call To Action is a term that you’ll be familiar with if you spend any time in marketing. In relation to meta advertising, it’s made easy for us. The core question we need to ask ourselves here is, “What action do we want the viewer to take”? Do we want them to click through to our website to purchase our product? Once we know this, we can properly align a call to action to the ad, but always the goal must come first.  

CTAs, as in their name, they’re used to drive action, so they are best used when they are used with urgency. Telling someone that there could be a deal on if they click through to your website is a meek way of pushing for action. However, by telling someone about the sale and soon shop now, we are encouraging them to take an action quickly, capitalizing on the use of urgent phrases.  

In most ad formats, we’ll be able to use a button. This is usually at the bottom right of the ad for Facebook and as a bar above the caption on Instagram. These buttons make it easy to include a CTA in your ad, as we do not have to waste any extra lead account driving the message home. There are currently a wealth of button options available to us through Meta. Some of the more commonly used CTAs are “shop now”, “watch more”, “learn more”, “buy now”, “donate”, or “sign up”. 

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