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4.6 Dynamic creative


Dynamic creative. Dynamic creative is a tool that we use to maximize the potential of each ad we create. Think of your ads like a pack of cards. Each time you shuffle a pack of cards, there is an 8 to the power of 67 possibilities of the order of those cards. That’s an 8 followed by 67 zeros, which is billions more than I could ever count. Dynamic creative works in the same way, we can select three different images, three different lines of copy, three different headlines and three different CTAs and Meta’s algorithm will mix and match each aspect with the others, resulting in a massive 81 potential combinations. These combinations are then tested out display to audiences, and the algorithm works out what combination works best for what audience. This saves us hours and hours of hard work and painful analysis. The drawback here is that we don’t have specific access to which combinations performed best and so it’s difficult for us to pinpoint successes to try and replicate them. 

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