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Below the headline, you can see we’ve got our description line. So here with a description, we’re looking at an even shorter message 25 characters here is what is suggested, we’re looking for some sort of message that will support our overall campaign. Now, lots of companies choose to maybe put their company motto in here, or some identifying jingle that they might have. Now, what we’ve gone with here is a message to support our ads.

Now, this is also a really key element of your description line, any sort of message that’s going to support the goal of the ad. And if this goal of this ad is to create signups for our meta business advertising course, then we want something that’s going to entice people into clicking Sign Up. So we’ve got get the skills to get the job here. Now, this description line is a real opportunity for us to deepen our message to really get some support going and to support other elements of our ad.

As I mentioned previously, the headline and the description line really do need to be tied to the call to action pretty well. And we’re going to cover that off next. Just as our final example here of what not to do, you can see that I’ve extended the description line beyond the character count. And you can see that the message is not fully displayed on the ad. So all we’ll get is get the skills to get the job, start a career. So we want to make sure that we’re not cutting off half of our image there as the ad goes live. 

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