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Now that we have our ad pretty much put together, we’re going to look at the final element here of the creative. And that’s a call to action. So Meta is really helpful in the sense and it’s selected a number of call to actions that are popular and useful for us across many different campaigns. So if you click the drop down here, we can select no button.

Now, the benefit to having no button is if you’re not trying to lead the customer off the website, and you’re maybe running a campaign for engagements, then no buttons absolutely fine. However, we do recommend having these buttons in place as they will support your overall goal, call to actions are very effective. So we’ve got some really common buttons here. Apply now, book now, contact us. Really, there’s a great wealth of options here to choose from. Now one of the downsides of this call to action buttons that we can’t create our own.

There aren’t custom options, so we have to select through one of these. Now, each of these will apply to very different campaigns. If you have an eBook to download and download is obviously going to be a great option. If you’re driving people to the website, then learn more is going to be something that you’re looking at. For this ad specifically, if we’re looking for signups we could go apply now. Or if we scroll down, we can actually have sign up. Now that’s doubling the message there. We’re seeing sign up in the copy and now we’re also seeing it as the call to action. 

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