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All right, everyone, we are back here at the ads to talk ad creative. So we’ve got our image loaded up that we’ve used before and our single image ad. But now we’re going to look at the other components here that we’re going to put together to make a polished ad. First of all, we’re going to start off with the primary text, this is the copy that’s going to be placed above your image. Now we’re looking for something that’s two to three lines long, the shorter, the better. That’s the real key here, when it comes to any copy, we put on ads. So we’re looking for something that gets our message across is short and sharp. So we’ve got ourselves a line of copy here, sign up to our course and better business advertising, which you’ve already done, get the skills you need to become an effective advertiser short and sharp.

And again, we’re not reaching that three line limit. If you do happen to go over that three line limit, as we can see here, what eventually is going to happen is that when the ad is deployed, it’s going to have a see more or a read more button. And we don’t want to add any additional clicks into the journey of somebody viewing our ad. So we want to make sure that the entire message is visible. Now you can see there just below our primary text, we can add a number of options here. So this again, will allow a little bit of flexibility when it comes to our ad display. So we can add a number of text options. And then Facebook’s algorithm will decide which one is displayed based on the person they’re displaying it to. This is a valid way to get a couple more options out there. But again, we’re losing out on that critical information where it’s hard for us then to pick apart the data to figure out what worked well and what didn’t. 

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