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5.8 Topic conclusion


There’s a lot of benefits to recording and analysing our data. We can begin to see patterns and better understand the potential for our advertising efforts. The insights we develop over the course of our careers are essential to the consistent improvement of our advertising success. Analysis is the cornerstone of self-improvement, and as I mentioned earlier, we have to be honest with ourselves when it comes to both the successes and the failures of our work. It is only through this analysis of our results that we can grow as advertisers. Reporting is an often overlooked aspect of advertising. But without these clear and well-designed displays of the data from our campaigns, we can firstly lose sight of our learnings. But additionally, a well-structured and delivered report can really drive home the value and success of our work with management and leadership. After all, we can do an incredible job of creating our campaigns and crafting our ads. But if we cannot succinctly convey our successes to organisations at large, we risk undervaluing the brilliant work we do.

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