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6.1 Course conclusion


We’ve come to the end of our course in Meta advertising. We’ve come a long way since the beginning of this course. We started off with an introduction to Meta, where you got to grips with the tools at our disposal and familiarise yourself with the complicated world of the Meta Business suite. We work through the various ad types that we can expect to use over our ventures into Meta Business, what each of those ad goals can help us work towards, what each of the formats we use looks like, as well as the placements available to us. All of these will evolve and grow as the digital world does.  

We ventured into the world of ad targeting and turned what can be an overwhelming experience into bite-sized pieces so that you’re ready to tackle building your own audiences from the demographic, behavioural and geographical information that you’ve already gathered about your target audience. We covered off the common pitfalls I’ve discovered myself throughout my career in the hopes that my words of warning will stop you from making the same mistakes I have. Then we moved on to creative and dissected each element of our ad display. From the image to the headline, we covered off how and why each of these elements are important, including the sheer potential of dynamic creative.  

Our last topic was analytics and reporting, where we walked through the need for each of these areas and why they’re essential parts of our job, not just for avoiding mistakes in the future but also to help us grow as marketers. So now you’re finished with our course and meta advertising. Congratulations, and thanks for joining me on this journey through Meta. You’re ready to get out there and start building ads that will stand out. Keep an eye out for more of our courses as we continue to expand our offering across a range of digital marketing topics.

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