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Research at NZIE

Research Mission Statement

New Zealand Institute of Education (NZIE) is committed to maintaining and improving future knowledge and practise advancement in applied business leadership.

To achieve this, we will undertake applied research in the following broad areas: Education, Management and Marketing.


Research Vision Statement

NZIE is committed to providing high quality post graduate education in applied business management and leadership supported by research informed practitioners.


Defining Research at NZIE

The type of research undertaken by people engaged in research will be relevant to the nature of the qualification. NZIE will focus on applied research.

Research is the original investigation undertaken in order to contribute to knowledge and understanding and, in the case of some disciplines, cultural innovation or aesthetic refinement.

It typically involves enquiry of an experimental or critical nature driven by hypotheses or intellectual positions capable of rigorous assessment by experts in a given discipline.

It is an independent[1], creative, cumulative and often long-term activity conducted by people with specialist knowledge about the theories, methods and information concerning their field of enquiry. Its findings must be open to scrutiny and formal evaluation by others in the field, and this may be achieved through publication or public participation.

In some disciplines, the investigation and its results may be embodied in the form of artistic works, designs or performances.

Research includes contribution to the intellectual infrastructure of subjects and disciplines (eg dictionaries and scholarly editions). It also includes the experimental development of design or construction solutions, as well as investigation that leads to new or substantially improved materials, devices, products or processes

Research areas vary considerably in applied qualifications and can include a wide scope of subject areas.

Research areas will also cover research that maintains, advances, and disseminates knowledge and develops intellectual independence, and assists the application of knowledge regarding ahuatanga Maori (Maori tradition) according to tikanga Maori (Maori custom) including te reo Maori, wairuatanga, and hauora. (NZQA Degree and Related Qualifications Guidelines, July 2014, pgs 11-13)

Peer scrutiny will be a key part of NZIE’s quality assurance processes and will be undertaken by others of an equal or higher status who are engaged in a field similar to that of the inquiry. Such scrutiny will be conducted in a manner which will not undermine intellectual property rights or commercial sensitivity.



Goal 1: Implement an effective Research Plan

Goal 2: Establish a Research Culture at NZIE

Goal 3: Develop and maintain clear policies and procedures for applied research

Goal 4: Give academic staff the support and capabilities needed to actively participate in and publish applied research

Goal 5: Develop, promote and support postgraduate student research activities 

[1] The term ‘independent’ here should not be construed to exclude collaborative work.


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