Jam Mayer

Jam has made a profession of digital marketing and leveraged the engagement of the online experience to generate business success. Her experience in the digital space started in the early 2000 as a blogger and has moved to the social space as the big networks became popular.She then turned her talents to helping businesses grow through virtual events and social media. Back in her native country (Philippines), she introduced webinars into the market and was among the pioneer members of the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP), the premiere digital marketing organisation and Digital Filipino, the leading e-commerce community for small businesses. She was also featured in Entrepreneur Philippines highlighting her contribution in the virtual events space. Back in 2012, LinkedIn ranked her profile as the top 5% most viewed in the world. In New Zealand, she continued her work and has assisted small business owners, start-up companies, marketing agencies and organisations like the University of Auckland, Unitec, The Icehouse, MITE, CDANZ, and Rocketshp among others. Her passion for educating the public has led her to be a subject matter expert in the industry and has been speaking in conferences about blogging, virtual events and social media. She has been part of NZ’s Social Media Conference for a few years and has spoken in Zomato’s restaurant summit.

Jam is currently managing Conversologie and Social Imageries, a Hootsuite Ambassador for New Zealand, an organising committee member of SMCAKL (Social Media Club Auckland) and founder of the NZ Bloggers Network. She is also a certified level 1 Gamification Designer.