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Digital marketing

10 ways Digital Marketing is helping New Zealand businesses

by Ronny Hossain | 20 June 2017 The use of technology for marketing purposes is known as digital marketing. Many brands use this as a medium for marketing their products on the internet. For the past twenty years, marketing strategy has changed significantly, for now it uses
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Social media marketing

The Dark Art of Social Media Marketing

by Vicki Jeffels | 13 June 2017   Are you afraid of the dark? Many marketers, even social media marketers are. I don’t blame you at all, we all fear the unknown, but the wise amongst us will rise above our apprehension and embrace it, ideally as soon as possible, because
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UX user experience

How to develop the perfect website

by Vicki Jeffels | 14 June 2017 At the beginning of the semester I am often asked by web development students ‘how do I develop the perfect website’, to which I reply succinctly. You don’t. To understand my answer, you need to go right back to the beginning and consider the
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social media likes

The digitally-mediated political world: Politics & social sharing

An observational perspective by Mike Kirkwood | 16 May 2017   What a world we live in! At no time in history have we been more connected. By virtue of its nature new media is social, communicative, entertaining and downright interesting. One only needs to observe
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