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internship in NZ

Top 5 tips on how to create yourself a good Internship

by Antonia Mak | 01 May 2017 Internship experience  is one of the most important pieces of the foundation you can lay for a successful career. It’s a great opportunity for international students to gain New Zealand work experience. It can be your life game changer. A good
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Digital marketing influencer

When Influencers Go Bad

by Vicki Jeffels | 06 April 2017 The big news in Social Media Marketing in 2017 is Influencers, and whatever the area of Digital Marketing practice you are involved in, an influencer programme is likely to be included in the year’s plan. With that in mind I thought I would
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Ways to Manage Time

Ten Brilliant Ways to Manage Time

Finding yourself always running after the clock with all your commitments on top of your study load? Here’s a guide on how you can better spend and manage your time. 1. Deciding what’s important. Let’s face it, 5 years from now, more than half of what yo
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How to Write Assessments

How to Write Assessments

When I decided to go back to school, I expected to have homework, quizzes, exams, and a lot of memorising. Just the typical school stuff… writing assessments wasn’t even an option. That is why I found it quite daunting at first, especially considering that writing wasn’t my
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