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5 skills you’ll need to build a successful career in marketing

by Nasreen Shaikh | 6 Dec 2017 With the growth of Marketing in New Zealand, comes a peak in the search for qualified people in the industry. Sure, they say we all need a qualification to build a career in marketing, but we also need much more than that.  You can have a piece of
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NZIE taking our classes #beyondthewalls

by Nasreen Shaikh | 31 Nov 2017 One of the greatest things about being a student at NZIE is the amount of opportunities we get to take what we’ve learnt in class and apply it to real-life scenarios – essentially taking our classes #beyondthewalls of a classroom! This week
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6 steps on how to start your online business

by Nasreen Shaikh | 20 Nov 2017 Have you ever thought of starting an online business but just weren’t quite sure where to start? I know I have, and I’m sure you have too, otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading an article on how start one right now… Its a daunting thought not
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8 reasons why you should start an online business

by Nasreen Shaikh | 16 Nov 2017 With majority of people making their purchases online, its not hard to see why starting an online business would be a great venture. In my case, I make about 80% of my purchases online rather than from a physical store. Mainly because its
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Our students at Bank of New Zealand

    The great relationship between Think Recruit – NZIE’s Career Services Department – and Bank of New Zealand has been very beneficial for both, students and the bank. Many of our Diploma in Business students have had the opportunity to
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study in new zealand

Why Should You Study in New Zealand?

It may be just the same size as Great Britain or Japan, but New Zealand has an amazing countryside and spectacular sceneries,from rolling green hills to golden sand beaches then lush rainforests within a few hours drive. It’s the home of Middle Earth, after all. Amon
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digital marketer student

Want to be a Digital Marketer?

Rising in popularity of the online space the past seven years has created a new specialist, one who deals specialises in digital marketing. Here in New Zealand, where most companies are small and medium-sized businesses with either small marketing teams or only have one marketer,
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10 Tips for Digital Marketer Wannabes

It’s a digital world and among the most sought-after skills by employers are naturally the ones that are related to digital marketing. Great news for those breaking into the industry. To get an edge over your competition, here are ten tips for students and other
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Health Management Students Share Their Success Stories

Check out what Health Management students Danessa, Kathlyn, Karl, and Vijay have to say about their experience studying at NZIE and the healthcare jobs they have acquired.
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Chocolate Coffee Show

Get Your Fill of Chocolate and Coffee

Not everyone may be into coffee, but who doesn’t like chocolate? Go and indulge at The Chocolate and Coffee Show at The Cloud, Queen’s Wharf, Auckland CDB, 3-4 September, 10am-5pm. Aside from an array of  treats from boutique chocolatiers and artisan coffee roasters
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