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February 5, 2018

Online vs Face-to-Face Classes

by Nasreen Shaikh | 2 Feb 2018 We’re living in the digital age where we all love doing things online, including learning! Its more convenient, and flexible, but what are the real pros and cons of both online and face-to-face classes? Online Classes The Pros Flexible Schedules You
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Choosing your pathway after NCEA – Diplomas or Degrees

by Nasreen Shaikh | 20 Jan 2018 Got your NCEA results, and are now wondering what to do? Or if you haven’t checked your results, you might want to jump on the NZQA website ASAP! Now’s the time everyone is planning what their next step is. Where will you study and what will you
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South Auckland to be home to NZ’s best Digital Marketing School

Exciting times are ahead, with the launch of NZIE’s Digital Marketing School at the NZIE Manukau Campus!  The course is New Zealand’s very first NZQA approved Digital Marketing qualification, and was first launched in 2016 at the Takapuna campus. With successful results in its
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How to prepare yourself for a career in Social Media Marketing

by Nasreen Shaikh | 20 Dec 2017 We’re in the age of social media where it’s not only a platform for people to communicate and share content with each other, but also a powerful marketing tool for business. It’s no wonder why the Social Media Marketing industry has
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#FeatureFriday: Nnyl (Wolf) Hubilla

by Nasreen Shaikh | 15 Dec 2017 Studying at NZIE has been such a blast, and one of the main highlights has been meeting some genuinely amazing people. I’ve made some life long friends from all over the world and between you and me – let’s just say, I’m covered if I ever
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