Is Digital Marketing a Good Career for Mums?  

mums working digital marketing

Being a mother is one of the most fulfilling roles a woman can have. However, it can also be challenging to balance family and career.  

According to, “women tend to feel a much more significant burden than men when raising a family and working at the same time. They are often the ones who take on the housework and coordinate child care, even while trying to move up in their jobs.” 

Fortunately, with the rise of digital marketing, mums can pursue a fulfilling career while still having time for their families.  

Did you know digital marketing is an excellent career choice for working mothers? Here are some reasons why:  

mums in digital marketing
Competitive Salary  

Being a parent is expensive, with bills piling up as children grow older. Thankfully, working in Digital Marketing offers families a competitive salary to support their children as they grow. Digital Marketer was listed #6 in this blog about the Highest-Paying Jobs for Moms Returning to Work. 

 Check out our blog for the latest salary averages across New Zealand in the Digital Marketing industry.   


Another thing to consider is that most digital marketing jobs can be done remotely, allowing working mothers to work from home and have more flexible schedules. This can be especially helpful for those with young children who need more attention during the day.  

Variety of Roles  

There are many different roles within digital marketing, ranging from content creation to social media management to data analysis. This means there are many career paths, and working mothers can find a role that best fits their skills and interests. Read about Common Digital Marketing roles here.   

In Mum Central’s list of 15 of the Best Jobs for Mums, As Rated by Working Mums, 4 roles were from the field of Digital Marketing. 

Growing Industry  

Equally important to consider; digital marketing is a rapidly growing industry with high demand for skilled professionals. It offers plenty of opportunities for career growth and advancement. You can advance your career with exciting new opportunities as your children grow and increase independence.  

Skill Development  

Moreover, this industry requires diverse skills, including creativity, analytical thinking, and technical knowledge. Working mothers can continue to develop their skills and stay current with industry trends through online courses and certifications.  

Now, let’s look at some inspiring mums working in digital marketing across New Zealand.  

digital marketing graduate

Tracy Dallimore,

Senior Digital Marketing Account Manager:  

Tracy Dallimore went through hardship during the COVID pandemic. She had to relocate from South Africa to New Zealand due to her partners’ work – without a stable career;  

“I was limited by the ability to control my life. If something happened to Matt, I would have found myself on the other side of the world, away from family, without the necessary qualifications to obtain a work permit.  This lack of control, limited opportunities and ever-present regret needed addressing. I never wanted to lack the ability to help my family again.”  

Consequently, she decided to future-proof her career and business;  

“I decided to study digital marketing at NZIE because I had an e-commerce business. But when it came to marketing and social media marketing, I felt lost. I wanted to have strategies that would help my business grow. ”  

What’s more, studying online allowed her to juggle her many responsibilities;  

“The course was flexible, especially in terms of being online. It worked out perfectly because I have children. And so, it helped me fit in with my family commitments. ”  

Although the course was at times challenging, her kids motivated her to succeed;  

“I could keep moving forward because of my children, the smiles on their faces, and my determination not to let them down. ”  

Finally, Tracey was named Valedictorian of her Digital Marketing course at NZIE – the highest-performing student in the cohort. She is now a successful Senior Account Manager, living and working in Australia.    

diploma in digital marketing

Bronwyn Burrows,

Business Owner:  

Bronwyn Burrows is a mum and business owner who studied NZIE’s Diploma in Digital Marketing part-time. Bronwyn was accepted into the Diploma course through her work experience as a business owner in the adventure tourism industry.   

Bronwyn and her husband Dale run Franz Josef Wilderness Tours (check out their Instagram), which they purchased in 2013. Digital Strategy was a significant focus when they bought the company, and Bronwyn set out to give the business a digital makeover.    

Over the past decade of ownership, both the business and her family have been expanding:    

“We’ve grown the business quite a bit over the last nine years. We’ve expanded into boat tours and fishing. And we’ve grown our family too – I’ve got two little kids at home now.”  

She decided to upskill in Digital Marketing to propel her business further – with great results!   

“It’s always been an interest of mine since having kids in particular. I’ve taken a step back from guiding the company. And I’m very much administration and marketing.”  

digital marketing career caitlin

Caitlin Dixon,

Digital Communications Coordinator:  

Caitlin previously worked as a journalist before being made redundant. It was a difficult time for her, as she juggled a job loss with three young kids; she “had to find a job to support [her] family.” She decided to upskill in Digital Marketing as it was on a similar carer path to communications, allowing her to study from home with the kids.   

The mum of 3 knew her busy schedule meant that online study was the only option for her:    

“I didn’t think returning to a physical classroom would be feasible for me. It just seemed like a really good option to do online study. And I saw that [the Diploma] took one year…I could have done two years, but I just wanted to kind of track things along fast. I was part-time working throughout the course as well. So that helped.”  

Shortly after graduating, she scored an NGO role aligning with her core values. Not bad for a mum carrying her gorgeous newborn on her back.    

“I was thinking about my future and what I wanted out of it. And I felt like that was the right move, even though, at the time, I was like, why am I doing this? This is too hard. Those skills were beneficial and selling points when I was trying to apply for jobs. It all paid off.”  

Amanda Hoffman posing with her son who just won a trophy

Amanda Hoffman Brake,

Digital Marketing Manager:  

Amanda studied Marketing in the early 2000s, then worked in sales and marketing roles for many years. After three years at home with her youngest child, she decided to upskill in digital to prepare to re-enter the workforce.   

“I knew that if I didn’t upskill myself now, I would get left behind. I also like that with digital; I can work from home if need be, so it fits in around my kid’s schedule.”  

“What enticed me was NZIEs professional looking presence online. But what won me over was the fact that it was all done remotely – that was perfect for a mum of three like me.”  

Most importantly, she learnt the power of self-belief and found study an excellent opportunity to test her limits and reach her potential;   

“I’ve learnt that sometimes it’s good to push yourself and that we are capable of more than we give ourselves credit for. Returning to the real world (after three years off with my children) can really push you and give you the confidence you didn’t know you had.”  

social media expert

Kez Zeiger,

Graphic Designer (self-employed):   

Kez Zeiger, a self-employed graphic designer, and her partner moved to the South Island in January 2020 from a busy sales career as a Territory Manager in Auckland, managing accounts worth $ 4.3 million. They wanted a more relaxed lifestyle for their family. Kez became a mother in April 2020, and while she loves being a mum, she needs more stimulation. It was a significant change from a fast-paced sales career to mum life in the South Island.  

As a result, she decided to study Digital Marketing as the perfect career to go alongside motherhood;  

“My goodness, it was an adventure, to say the least! When I first started the course, I had a little six-month-old who was only just mobile, and things were “easy”. Fast forward to December, we fell pregnant with baby number two, which also came with Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), and extreme form of morning sickness.”  

Despite the challenges of being a new mum and expecting another baby, Kez pursued a course and attended online lectures. She handed in her assessments on time, even with her final assessments due on the same date as her baby’s due date.

Kez credits her success to the support of her partner, coffee, and fantastic tutors. The practical nature of the final subjects in the course made it easier for her, especially with a tutor who had a newborn and could empathise with her situation.  

“When my daughter was around a year old, she would nap on me. So, every lunchtime tutorial, I had a baby napping on me during our Zoom classes!”  

Equally important, she now works in sales part-time whilst doing Graphic Design freelance, too, using her digital skills to maximise flexibility and bring a fantastic income to her family.   

Alexsandra “Sandy” Marie Van Lieshout,

Business Owner:  

Christchurch-based Sandy owns and directs Skin Bay, a small e-commerce store that sells skincare products and devices. NZIE’s Social Media Strategy course taught her how to run her ads and save on marketing contractor fees. What’s more, after completing the course, she took over managing her ads and has increased her ad profits by eight times!    

The Social Media course fit easily into Sandy’s jam-packed schedule. Not only is she a small business owner, but she also has many family responsibilities to juggle;     

“I loved how I could fit it into my busy schedule. Aside from running the business, I’ve got a family and household to manage. Being able to study in the evenings gave me time to manage my business and family commitments.”    

Sandy plans to continue to upskill in digital marketing to help her business grow.   

Are you a mum wanting to dip your toes into the world of Digital Marketing? Enquire now to learn more about our courses and how they can help you land a flexible and rewarding career.  

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