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2.2 Ad goals


Ad goals – Meta has simplified the ad goals we’re able to use within the ads manager. There are six ad goal categories to choose that cover each section of the buyers’ funnel, from awareness to consideration and then conversion. 

Awareness – this category is engineered to get your ads in front of a high volume of users who are most likely to remember your ad. This objective is used to reach brand awareness, video views, and less or use now the promotion of brick-and-mortar store locations.  

Traffic – the traffic objective is used to send people to a particular destination, usually your website, app or event page. This objective is used for link click volume, landing page views, sending people to messenger or WhatsApp and getting phone calls.  

Engagement –  engagement ads are designed to boost messages, video views, generate post engagement, page likes, or even event responses. Use this objective for messenger campaigns and video campaigns for people to like your content and connect to your business. 

Leads – lead ads are, more commonly known now as lead gen ads are engineered to collect leads for your business. Lead ads can be used with a great integrated feature called instant forms. These forms allow users to fill out designated details and submit them to your site, which can then be linked to a spreadsheet or even your CRM. Lead ads can also be used to gather contact information through messenger, subscribe or fill out a form on your website.  

App promotion –  app promotion is a relatively new addition to the campaign objective list designed to find new people who would be interested in your app. The main goal here is to generate app installs.  

Sale –  we’re down to the conversion section of the ad objectives here. These ads are designed to find people who are most likely to purchase your product or service commonly used for general conversions, adding a product into a basket closing a sale or making a donation. These ads are also used to boost catalogue sales and purchases through messenger or WhatsApp. And once again generating phone calls to your business.

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