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2.4 Ad placements


Ad placements –  ad placements let us customize where our ad is displayed. The default will be advantage plus placements. This is where meta decides where our ad will be most likely to be successful and display some there. But we’re going to take a closer look into the other option, manual placements. We have a number of options here, so we’ll work through them section by section.  

Devices – we have the ability to select which device our ad is displayed on. For now, we’re able to select between desktop, mobile, or both. 

Platforms – here is where we can select what platform our ad is displayed on. The two common ones here and metas’ main platforms- Facebook and Instagram. But the other two options are Audience Network and Messenger. Messenger is not available for all ads, but for those that are, they can be displayed within the messenger app. The Audience Network is a collection of placements across apps outside of Facebook and Instagram.  

Placements –  there are seven main ad placements we can customize here.  

Feeds, high visibility ads posted to news feeds.  

Stories and reels –  these are vertical ads across both Facebook and Instagram Stories sections. In-Stream Ads are ads that are played midway through a video being viewed on Facebook. In-Stream Ads are no longer available for Instagram videos.  

Search – When someone searches a phrase into Facebook, this placement allows your ad to be seen as a promoted search result. 

Messages – This placement allows you to send offers and updates to people who are already connected to your business through messenger.  

In article –  this placement is displayed to users who are reading content from a publisher through the Facebook app.  

Apps and sites– this allows you to expand your reach to external apps and websites meta have aligned with. 

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