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Hello everyone, now we’re tackling audience. So as you can see here, we’ve got ourselves set up in our ad set for our campaign. And if we’ve scrolled down to the audience section here, we can see all of the options that we’ve got to target. First off, we’re gonna start without audience types. So we have saved audiences, which is audiences that we’ve used in the past, we might have created these for a number of campaigns and save them for quick access later on.

Now, I do recommend doing this especially early on in the digital marketing journey that you’re about to go on. If you can save yourself some time by not having to remake the same audiences over and over again, then it’ll allow you free time to explore much more different aspects and get the job done quicker. So now the two types of audiences that we’re going to look at here, custom audiences and look alike audiences. So custom audiences are audiences that we’ve selected ourselves, we’ve defined a number of parameters.

And we’ve pre selected what we want to target there. So this could be age, demographics, interests, behaviors, all of those are up for grabs that within that custom audience. And then we also have a look alike audience, which puts a lot of our work here into Meta’s hands. So with a look alike audience, we can reach customers and potential buyers online, who look similar to those that are already interacting with us. This is a great way to generate some more warm leads in terms of audience building. Now we’re taking a step back here, and we’re heading back to the meta business homepage. And you can see here we’ve got our all tools menu opened up again.

So previously, where we’ve headed to the ads manager, we’re now going to head to audiences just one tag below it. Now when we’re in audiences, we’ll see something along the lines of this. So this is where we’ll be able to see our saved audiences that we may have created before. But what I want to highlight to you here is we can create our audiences here, before we even start building our ads. So if we were to create a custom audience, here, we can see that there’s two types of sources for us to use. We can use our sources, our first party sources, or Meta’s sources.

So with our sources, we’re looking at our website that we’ve hooked up a customer list that we’ve perhaps developed throughout CRM, whatever offline activity, we might have to upload, a act, app activity and our catalog. And then with Meta sources, we can see here people that might have interacted with our videos, people who have or will likely engage with a lead form, all the way to things like people who follow our Instagram account. So we’ve got a lot of options here when it comes to creating custom audiences. And it’s just good to have a mix of our own first party data there as well as Meta’s data here too. 

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