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Now on to interesting behaviors. So underneath our location, our age and our gender selection, you can see that we’ve got detailed targeting highlighted just here. Now, this is a search bar that we’re going to use to find any interests and behaviors that we believe might assist the ad display algorithm when targeting people without ads. For the purposes of this demo, we’re going to look into fishing. So simply type fishing here into the search bar. And it’s going to pop up with a bunch of suggested interests and behaviors that we can select from. So we’re going to select fishing as an outdoor activity. Now, what’s really, really helpful here, when we’re looking at this interest and behavioral targeting, is we can hit this button here suggestions at the end of the search bar.

Now these suggestions are going to be built based on our previous selection. So say if we then selected outdoor activities, our suggestions start to update, now that they have two data points here, outdoor fishing and outdoor activities, they can start to suggest more different options that are we’re more likely going to be needing to be in line with. So camping perhaps we know a lot of people who go fishing also like to camp. And now we’re again updating that list of suggestions. So this is how we can build really comprehensive targeting interests.

But it’s also how we can leverage Meta and their understanding of what we need to target. So sometimes coming up with lots of different interests and demographics is really difficult. But here with the suggestion option, we can really take that creativity out of us needing to figure out how to target these people. So I just want to take our eyes here to the top right, so we’ve got our audience definition here. And our estimated audience size with these detailed targeting options. And our location, age and gender is sitting at an estimated audience size of 175,000 to 206,000. And they’ve graded that green, so it’s not too specific. It’s not too broad, it’s right fairly in the middle. And below that we can see our estimated daily results. So if we pursued this targeting option, we’d likely see 1600 to 4600 reached a day. And we’d be expecting 46 to 134 link clicks per day.

Now these are estimates, so we can take them as fact. But it’s good there to have some idea of what we’re looking at. Now, what I want to talk about is exclusions. So the three that we’ve selected, so far have been outdoors, camping, and fishing. Now, those are all selected interests. So those are interests that we’re going to target towards people. So if they’ve been identified as being interested in any of these, they have a possibility of receiving our ad. But now what we can do is we can build in some exclusions. So we narrow our audience by removing certain targeting. In this instance, let’s say the fishing that we’re targeting here is deep water, deep sea fishing. So those who are interested in carp fishing, wouldn’t really be interested in what we have to offer.

So we can add those as an excluded audience. So people who are interested in carp fishing, then are not going to be targeted without ads. Now the last topic I want to cover off here as we’re talking about interests and behaviors is advantage detailed targeting plus. So if we click this checkbox here, it means that we’re going to be allowing the Meta algorithm to work in our favor. So we’re going to reach more people.

And it’s going to expand our audience, depending on the results of our display. So what advantage detailed targeting does is it will display our ads to a whole range of people. And then using machine learning, it will start to target other points of data that match up between our customers. So if everybody who’s responding really positively to our ads, also is interested in fly fishing, then they’ll then add that as an additional interest to our targeting. Now, you might be wondering why you wouldn’t use this.

And I agree, it can be really helpful, and it can be really expensive in terms of the success of your campaigns. However, what it does do is it means that we don’t then get to see what those additional targeting options were. We don’t get the gold at the end of the rainbow here, which is the data. So we do miss out once again on some data that could shape our campaigns in the future. But especially for those early campaigns. I’d highly recommend you using this advantage detailed targeting. It really is just there to improve the targets. 

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