Meet NZIE’s Digital Marketing Tutors

NZIE is digital home to industry experts who bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and real-life experience to digital classrooms. Our online learning environment we hold for students has never felt more natural or welcoming with our unique crew! Along with digital street cred, they also hold qualifications that allow them to effectively teach their zones of genius. Therefore making them not only great leaders & experts but amazing teachers and mentors. The NZIE tutoring team are warm, friendly and approachable. Moreover they also bring their own personality, flair & unique teaching style to the table! See below for a breakdown introduction on each tutor. 

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Miriam – Digital Marketing Programme Leader

digital marketing tutor Miriam

Miriam Seifert a.k.a Campus Busy Bee 
Role in a nutshell: I’m the programme leader for DDM, tutor for Digital Marketing Principles and Practices and also a part of the Client Success team 
Specialties: Teaching Marketing Theories and Frameworks and enabling students to apply these in both theoretical and real live contexts.  
Background Experience: I have been involved in tertiary teaching for over 7 years. I have been teaching at university and tertiary providers. I have been mainly teaching marketing and other business courses. I hold a Doctoral Degree in Strategic Marketing from the the University of Auckland.  
Passion: Supporting students with empathy and compassion.  
Fun-fact: I love learning languages. I am speaking, German, Spanish, French and English. I am currently learning te reo. 
When I’m not working you can find me: Scuba diving around NZ, fishing and hiking. I love the outdoors.  
Advice: Start early on your assessments to avoid last minute panic!

Rajika – Senior Digital Marketing Tutor

digital marketing tutor Rajika

Rajika Vyas a.k.a Campus Mama’Bear 
Role in a nutshell: I’m the tutor for Mobile Marketing & Email Marketing and also a part of the Client Success team. 
Specialties: Being able to deliver Diploma content in a fun and interactive way. I teach by breaking down curriculum and jargon into easy-to-digest content. 
Background Experience: I have been in the teaching field for more than 2 decades and have Master’s Degree in Computer Applications (MCA). I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Education (B.Ed.) and Bachelor’s in Science (B.Sc.) followed by Certifications in Adult Education. My IT background has given me clear understanding of how Digital technology works which led me to teaching Digital marketing.  
Passion: Teaching with empathy and kindness. Where I get to be part of your success and feel rewarded. I enjoy every moment of teaching whether online or face-to-face. 
Fun-fact: I have climbed to top of Mt Taranaki and completed the 83km Hilary trail 
When I’m not working you can find me: In the garden, nature walks, crocheting and knitting and being with my fur baby  
Advice: There is no shortcut to success! Hard work always pays!

Lasma – SEO & Data Tutor

digital marketing tutor Lasma

Lasma Zorgenberga a.k.a Search Engine Marketing and Data Analytics Nerd 
Role in a nutshell: I am the tutor for Level-7 Search Engine Marketing and Data Analytics courses, as well as Level-5 Micro Credentials SEO mini course.  
Specialties: I specialise in taking complex digital challenges and distilling them into holistic strategies that improve ROI and digital presence in Search, for both local and international businesses. 
Background Experience: I’m a well-rounded marketer with over 6 years of experience leading successful digital campaigns for enterprises across New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Europe and gaining industry experience at New Zealand’s most awarded and leading Search agency – the only agency to receive Google All-Star status in New Zealand. 
Passion: Passionate about AI in the workforce, & marketing – segmentation, innovation, automation, analytics, personalisation, scaling – and marketing AI technologies. 
Fun-fact: I dream about traveling to Japan because I’m huge fan of ramen and Something not many people know about me is that I write poetry.
When I’m not working you can find me: On the beach, reading English poetry, practising mindful living, and advocating the future of workforces around the world. 
Advice: Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will. 

Jennifer – Email Marketing Tutor

digital marketing tutor Jen

Jen Kirchhofer, a.k.a. The American with the American Brown Dog 
Role in a nutshell: I’m the tutor for DDM712, which is email and social media marketing 
Specialties: Email marketing and marketing automation, with a strong focus on customer experience and lifecycle management; content writing and copywriting, too 
Background experience: My digital marketing career began in Indianapolis, Indiana in the US with a focus on email in 2008 with an incredible startup which would go on to become a massive success story; since then, I’ve worked across channels, verticals, and types of companies, from global companies like Sony and Salesforce to tech startups in Silicon Valley to small businesses and non-profit organisations; my career brought my dog, Jill, and me to NZ in 2018 on a talent visa in digital marketing 
Passion: Making sure to send the right message at the right time via the right channel to the right person; creating relevant, helpful, meaningful communications and marketing experiences; helping people to learn 
Fun fact: You can find me in a prison about once per week (as a volunteer); I facilitate a programme to help people prepare for job searching and employment once released 
When I’m not working you can find me: Hiking and adventuring with Jill 
Advice: Whatever you are, be a good one (Abraham Lincoln) 

Janelle – Digital Design Tutor

digital tutor janelle

Janelle Baptist a.k.a Digital DIYer
Role in a nutshell: I am the tutor for 709: Digital Design Principles  
What are your specialties? Software such as InDesign – specifically making graphic design resources, publications, slideshows and presentations. 
What’s your background experience? I’m experienced in graphic design, photography, UX/digital design, and websites. I have a Degree in Graphic Design, Diploma in Photography, Certificate in Adult and Tertiary Teaching and am working on an Applied Certificate in E-Learning. I have taught gateway programmes and a Level 5 Web and Graphics Diploma, covering Design Foundation, Graphic Design, Web and UX modules.  
What is your passion? Helping people and doing something good, I’m continuously learning and trying to make a difference. 
What’s a fun fact about you? I worked at Disney World in the US, and I also play competitive laser tag. 
When I’m not working, you can find me: On the internet – I watch a lot of documentaries and TV shows, but I also read a lot, and I used to cook more than I do now!  
Advice: Take internships and network as much as you can. I’ve done heaps of unpaid internships, which I know is a very contentious subject. But the way I see it, I’m not paying to do a course or learn that topic, so it’s a mutually beneficial relationship to me.

Matt – Social Media Marketing Tutor

NZIE tutor

Matt Wort a.k.a Comedy Queen
Role in a nutshell: I am the tutor for Social Media Marketing.  
Specialties: I like to think my specialty is bringing brands to life with storytelling. Copywriting is a strength, and the Oxford comma is my friend. I also have a wealth of experience with paid ads management, across social media and Google.  
Background Experience: I’ve been a freelancer for six years and have spent that time between agencies, long-term contracts, and short-term projects. Before freelancing I studied creative writing where I received a degree for writing an okay book. I now use the story-telling skills I learned in my degree to craft emotive and impactful campaigns for brands. I have worked in both the public and private sectors, as well as for some non-profit organisations.  
Passion: Having fun in my work. And also finding shortcuts to simplify what can sometimes be complex tasks.  
Fun-Fact: As part of a uni assignment, I once posted a Harry Potter quiz to Buzzfeed. It went viral and received millions of views. I’m still trying to chase that level of success hah!  
When I’m not working you can find me: Playing videogames (occasionally streaming), Reading comics (currently reading Heartstopper), or cooking (I fell into the deep web of oat recipes on Tik Tok). 
Advice: Social media is supposed to be fun, explore the lighter side of having a laugh with it.  

Mariska – Content Marketing Tutor

digital marketing tutors

Mariska Steyn a.k.a the newbie 🤣. 
Role in a nutshell: I’m the tutor for DDM708, which is Content Marketing and Media. 
Specialties: I engage and connect with students at their level to ensure that they fall in love with marketing in a way that is true to their own experiences. 
Background Experience: I have qualifications in Fine Art, Graphic Design, Public Relations, Professional Photography and Digital Marketing. I have over 20 years’ experience in running my own successful businesses, both in South Africa and for the last 5 years also in New Zealand. I am currently working as a professional photographer, specialising in commercial, branding and wedding photography, and also own my own marketing company. My hands-on industry experience brings an extra dimension into the class with real life examples and practical demonstrations. 
Passion: Helping businesses achieve their goals through strategic marketing planning and activations. Bringing everything together for companies so that it becomes streamlined and focused with clarity and understanding. 
Fun-fact: I do CrossFit to help me relax and clear my mind. 
When I’m not working you can find me: On the netball court as I help coach the year 5 team for the Pohutukawa Coast Netball Club. On weekends you will find me in my pottery studio busy getting my hands dirty and enjoying my other passion: Ceramics.  
Advice: You always have two choices in reaction to things life throws at you: you can either stay down and let it get the best of you, or you can get up and use that experience to propel you forward in the direction of your dreams. Learn to become resilient in life…always get up…it is worth it! 

Sara – Digital Design, Website & E-Commerce Tutor

NZIE tutor Sara Barbosa

Sara Barbosa aka the Designer 
Role in a nutshell: I’m the tutor for Digital Design, Website and E-Commerce 
Specialties: Teaching students how to communicate their messages visually and effectively to improve their campaigns. 
Background Experience: I am a Graphic and Web Designer with six years of varied industry experience. I’ve worked with clients across Australia, New Zealand and the US to deliver meaningful experiences across different mediums. Driven by a passion for learning, she will be soon undertaking a Master’s Degree on User Experience Design by the Victoria University of Wellington.  With three years’ experience of teaching under my belt, my teaching approach is to continue learning with students from a diverse background and to spread my own skills and knowledge. My biggest ambition as a teacher is to give you the necessary tools to apply into the future of Digital Marketing.
Passion: How humans use and interact with technology. Designing for me is about interactivity and problem solving in a user centric approach. Due to passion and care, I find it easy to empathise with a variety of users, working hard to create wholistic designs that will improve the user journey – and how we can apply that to digital marketing.  
Fun-Fact: I love trying new things! I’ve done all different activities from ballroom dancing to tap dance and axe throwing. 
When I’m not working you can find me: In the garden taking care of my plant babies or playing tabletop rpg with friends. 
Advice: Embrace your failures and your mistakes! The study environment is the best environment to learn and we learn best when we make mistakes. Listen to your tutors and what they have to say, get out of your comfort zone and don’t be afraid of failure – this means you are trying and learning will follow along the way. 

Entry Criteria:

To be admitted into NZ Certificate in English Language Level 4 General, all applicants must meet the following requirements:

a) Be a speaker of English as an additional language; and

b) Hold a NZCEL Applied Level 3 [3667] qualification; or

c) Pass an NZIE entry test that meets the requirements for the CEFR B2 requirements or equivalent; and

d) Be of a minimum age of 16 years or older; and.

e) Be a New Zealand citizenship or permanent residency OR Certificate of Refugee Status and evidence of eligibility to study for the duration of enrolment.

Entry Criteria:

To be admitted into NZ Certificate in English Language Level 3 General, all applicants must meet the following requirements:

a) Be a speaker of English as an additional language; and

b) Hold a NZCEL Level 2 qualification; or

c) Pass an NZIE entry test that meets the requirements for the CEFR mid B1 requirements or equivalent; and

d) Be of a minimum age of 16 years or older; and.

e) Be a New Zealand citizen or resident; or have Certificate of Refugee Status and evidence of eligibility to study for the duration of enrolment.

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