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Welcome to this mini course about social media tools!

In this course, we interview 7 social media industry experts from a variety of organisations and roles. In their interviews, they share with us the tools that they use to carry out social media marketing, whether that’s internally or on the behalf of their clients.

These tools cover 4 areas:



Sourcing images


Most of these tools are free, some with premium upgrade options, and a few are exclusively paid.

We will hear from Oliver (Oli) Garside from Mosh Social who manages clients’ social media accounts daily and recommends software that they use, which will help to source imagery, and create and schedule social media content.

Juliette Moore, Director of Fulfillment at Harper Digital shares with us how they use Meta Business Suite, photo and image editing software and Google Analytics to manage their clients day to day social media.

Jacob Stansfield, Director of The Local Market introduces us to a clever piece of equipment that social media managers shouldn’t be without.

And Matt Wort, our very own Social Media tutor who teaches the Meta and Tiktok courses, as well as our Diploma in Digital Marketing and Social Media Microcredential. He has tips for making content and taking control of your social media.

We will also hear from other industry experts in this course. We’ve taken all their recommendations and put together some tutorials for the most popular tools. Join us in this mini-course to learn about the best tools to manage your social media. Let’s get started. 


Sherylin Upton, Marketing Director at Tidal Hair and Explosive Social

Maggie Bochat, Content Marketing Coordinator at NZIE

Mariska Steyn, Marketing Specialist at Metrics Marketing NZ

Steve Punter, Senior Learning Designer (AIA)

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